Looking for a maternity nurse?

Wright Childcare provides qualified Maternity Nurses to help families through the sometimes daunting period after childbirth.

Expert help and advice can be vital to mother’s when they return home.

Maternity nurses do a very important job, providing 24hr care, ensuring baby’s sleeping and feeding patterns are correct and the family can rest assured that their new addition is in the best possible care.


Why choose Wright Childcare?

Booking a professional, qualified maternity provides peace of mind and expert advice to the mother in the vital days, weeks and months following child birth

Many of our Maternity Nurses have worked through Wright Childcare for years.  They have experience with premature babies, twins and triplets. In addition we have medically trained Maternity Nurses for babies that need special care Nursing.

Our Maternity nurses are experienced and have OCN, MNT, Norland training or a paediactric nursing background to provide the best professional care after birth. 

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