Wright Childcare is a family-run London Nanny agency specialising in the recruitment of Nannies, Governesses and Maternity Nurses in London, UK and Internationally.

Wright Childcare is run by family, for your family

We dedicate our time to each booking and do not take on numerous jobs at one time, so we can give a truly personal service. We like to take time to get to know the client and their needs, and give a one-to-one service to find the perfect candidate. We are always on hand to answer questions and help, and will dedicate one consultant to each role so you will always have the same contact to guide you through the process.

Our reputation matters to us

Over the years we have established close relationships with our Nannies and Maternity Nurses and try to get to know them personally so we choose the right fit for each position.

Meet Our Team



Founder and Lead consultant

"Family is the most important thing to us at Wright Childcare. In 1983, Eileen Wright established Regency Nannies International and as a child I would visit the office and grew up learning about the childcare business. After University I started working at Regency Nannies learning the ins and outs of running an agency before establishing Wright Childcare in 2015.
As this is a family business, run by myself, my partner Aigul and Eileen as a specialist consultant, we pride ourselves on our reputation. We don’t overload our schedules and make sure we have time for each family, to get to know them and understand their needs and the needs of the children.
We hope to provide a different type of service – a more personal and professional service. One which shows that we care, which we can be proud of, and which always strives to help families find the best childcare available".




In 2011 Aigul graduated from Kazan State University with a degree in Marketing, Communications and International Relations. During her studies in 2005, she began working in the field of human resources as a recruitment manager at City Life Recruitment in Kazan and later that year became development manager and headed the department. In 2010 Aigul became head of marketing and international relations at Kamal Theatre, the oldest national theatre in Russia, and lead the department until 2015. Aigul believes that company image today is not just about the logo and website, it is what the company stands for. It is this belief that underlies Wright Tutors philosophy for being approachable, caring, and dedicated to quality and security.

Aigul speaks English, Russian and Tatar.

International  Consultant




Maternity Consultant

Eileen Wright has been in the childcare business since establishing Regency Nannies International in 1983, one of the first childcare agencies in London. Highly respected and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to have Eileen as our specialist  Maternity Consultant.

Eileen Wright_Maternity Expert

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